Computer Diagnostics

We perform computer diagnostics to troubleshoot find problems being caused by faulty components.


Oil & Filter Change

To keep running smooth and at it's best. Your car and truck relies on clean oil and filter. Keep your oil and filter clean and you will have a car that will last.

$19.95 (Starting Price)

Cooling System

Thorough pressure test and checks for leaks. Completes inspection of hoses, radiator and cap. Drain old coolant from system and refill with manufacturer approved coolant.


Throttle Body Service

Remove intake boot clean carbon deposits inside throttle body and throttle plate


Charging & Starting System

We test the entire charging systems starting with the battery and moving to other key components to ensure proper operation of all system components.

$47.50 (Starting Price)

EFI Service

Perform electronic fuel ejection system cleaning decarb intake, add system additive to fuel


Brake System Service

Complete diagnosis and repair of brake system; including ABS Systems. We also offer brake system flush; replacing the contaminated fluid with fresh fluid to help components last longer.


AC Service

Preform an inspection to ensure no visible leaks are present. Evacuate and recharge the system with Freon and dye to ensure no leaks are found.


Sludge Treatment

Add decontaminating fluid to engine oil in order to clean out sludge and other contaminants prior to oil and filter service.


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Our Services

- Full Auto Diagnosis

- Brakes

- Shocks & Struts

- Suspension

- Oil & Filter Service

- A/C & Heating 

- ABS & SRS Systems

- Battery Change

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